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Twice Upon a Time

Grandpa doesn’t really like fairy tales — he prefers adventure stories about pirates and astronauts.  So when his grandkids ask for fairy tale bedtime stories, Grandpa puts some pretty silly twists on them!

“Twice upon a time...”  Grandpa begins each goofy retelling of a once-familiar classic.  Cindy-Rella is now an insufferable neat freak not inclined to leave her chores to attend the prince’s barbecue, even if there will be a bouncy castle there.  Grandpa seems to have forgotten about the Big Bad Wolf, so his stories pull Big Bad Bear away from his porridge to threaten both the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Pants.  Even Goldilocks is confused why she has cameo appearances in both these stories! 

Despite the children’s occasional protests at Grandpa’s absurd revisions, they beg for more.  He forges on to tell the tales of Snow White and the Four Dwarves (because four is plenty, thank you!), and Grumplegrapeskin, the magical goblin who wants nothing more than to have the game show host remember his name.  You’ll remember Grumplegrapeskin and all the rest of the kooky characters in this charming and flexible one-act packed with five fractured fairy tales that will really crack you up!

Directed by 

Sharon Poulsen

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